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Wholesale Lawn and Garden Supplies

Carlin Horticultural Supplies specializes in offering the finest discount wholesale lawn and garden supplies available to professional and retail customers nationwide. Our years of supplying commercial garden centers has made Carlin a recognized name in the industry and we're please to provide home growers with the same quality products used by the professionals. Shop our vast selection of fine home gardening products including hundreds of unique items that you won't find in stores.

Boost your garden decor with decorative planters and plant stands

urn shaped decorative planterDisplay your favorite house plants or add a burst of color or vibrant greenery to your patio and garden decor with decorative planters and plant stands from Carlin.

Designed for decorative appeal and practicality, we offer a large selection of planters in a multitude of sizes, shapes and colors. From rectangular outdoor planters in classic styles to unique decorative planters and plant stands in contemporary wrought iron, you'll find nothing less than quality products at a great price.

Hanging baskets, whiskey barrels, rectangular window boxes and more! You'll find all of our outdoor planters at wholesale garden decor prices, ready to ship via UPS or common carrier anywhere in the U.S.

Transform your yard into paradise with a decorative outdoor water fountain

decorative outdoor water fountainOutside garden fountains not only create a point of interest but also serve as an easy way to integrate the soothing sound of flowing water, transforming your backyard into your very own paradise. Choose from our complete line of outside garden fountains including tiered and alcove fountains in a variety of designs to suit your taste and budget.

A decorative outdoor water fountain can make a dramatic statement to even the smallest yard or patio but proper care is necessary to ensure you'll enjoy your fountain for many years to come.

TIP: Outside garden fountains can be damaged in cold climates by the winter freeze and thaw cycle. To avoid expansion and contraction damage, be sure to raise your water fountain off the ground during winter months.

Garden trellises and arbors, plant hooks and more!

Garden trellisses and arborsCreate a welcoming entrance, add accent to a walkway or provide shade over quaint bistro chairs with garden trellises and arbors. Garden trellises and arbors are a great way to add interest to any landscape and are also perfect structures for training fast-growing climbing plants such as clematis, ivy or climbing roses.

Choose from our great selection fine home gardening products and add a touch of elegance to your patio and garden decor. Our complete line of garden trellises and arbors includes Austram arbors made from powder-coated metal for years of durable beauty and Country Craft high quality trellises made from pressure treated yellow pine and are guaranteed with a 30 year, no decay warranty.


Create a professional look with lawn edging products

Cobra Hi Test plastic lawn & garden edgingBe the envy of the neighborhood and add a professional look to your backyard with discount garden edging material. Lawn edging products create the perfect barrier between lawns and landscaped areas or gardens to help keep grass and weeds out. Our selection of contractor grade lawn edging products range from metal lawn edging to plastic lawn & garden edging, with or without staking requirements.

Cobra Hi Test plastic lawn & garden edging is one example of our stake-free premium heavy duty discount garden edging materials. Backed by a 20 year warranty, the unique ribbed sides of this plastic lawn & garden edging allow dirt to form a pocket and the double "V" shape bottom prevents lifting out of the ground and "frost heave." Install and forget about it.

Robust yet flexible Col-Met staked metal lawn & garden edging is easy to install and hand form to fit any contour. Steel edging resists frost heave and stays in place for years to come. Many accessories for Col-Met metal lawn & garden edging are available to help you fit every need.

Control weeds in as little as 24 hours with Quick Pro roundup weed killer

Quick Pro roundup weed killerKeep your landscape plantings looking beautiful and weed-free with Quick Pro roundup weed killer. One of the newer products designed by Monsanto, Quick Pro roundup weed killer is a complete broad-spectrum, non-selective, post-emergent herbicide that provides quick knockdown of undesirable weeds.

Formulated as a water-soluble granule, we offer Quick Pro roundup weed killer Quick Pro Dry Pack in five easy-measure, cost effective packets that make a gallon of solution each or Quick Pro Jugs in quantities of 4 jugs per case with an easy measure cup.


Lawn & garden watering system

Gilmour irrigation water hoses & Dramm Turret SprinklerTake care of all your lawn & garden watering system needs with Dramm watering equipment and supplies from Carlin. We stock a full line Dramm watering equipment, used and recommended by professionals. Our selection of Dramm watering equipment ranges from Touch N Flow Sunrise Rain Wands to Turret Sprinklers to a full range of accessories for irrigation water hoses including Dramm Revolvers.

Any lawn & garden watering system wouldn't be complete without heavy duty irrigation water hoses. We feature highly durable flexogen Gilmour irrigation water hoses and hose end sprinklers specifically designed for harsh environments. Its patented 8-ply construction comes with a full lifetime replacement guarantee making professional Gilmour irrigation water hoses and matching hose end sprinklers the perfect choice for any lawn & garden watering system.




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